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Kgalagadi Summer: Part 5 - Twee Rivieren

In our last few days at Twee Rivieren we soaked in the scenery. We had had so many amazing and memorable experiences already, the last few days became those where everything next was an added bonus. We were feeling so much more restful, relaxed and comfortable.

The scenery of the Kgalagadi is vast and seemingly desolate. Rather it is a place full of life, and as with everything in life, it always worth looking a little closer. Both the Nossob and Auob river beds are beautiful, they offer a different kind of beauty each, and are surprisingly different from each other. As a tree lover, there is a famous tree along the Nossob river bed, a camelthorn tree filled with sociable weaver nests. It has become customary for us to always stop and photograph it.

When staying at Twee Rivieren, there is a lovely triangular drive including 2 of the best picnic spots, Melkvlei and Auchterlonie, separate by short dune road. This drive encompasses both the Nossob and the Auob river beds and a must do. On this trip, we decided to do the Leeudril 4x4 track, which is a similar triangular drive, just shorter and smaller but in many ways better. Firstly, the road is much better than short dune (less corrugations and more scenic) , but it is also more fun going over a few less than challenging soft mini dunes. Having driven it twice, the morning is a better drive and a must do if you have a 4x4.

We have a few animals still on our bucket list, most notably the elusive honey badger. We have really hoped to see a cape cobra on this trip as they are see more regularly in the hotter summer months. On our way to the 4x4 route we were privileged to see a rather long cobra on the ground having spotted 2 , apparently hunting, pale chanting goshawk on the ground. The goshawk lost interest, but we didn't and had fun competing for the best picture (I think I won!)

Our last night, as we generally aim to do, we booked a family cottage. It gives us a chance to clean and re-pack our trailer for home (then we don't need to do anything at home again) and offers some "luxury" on an otherwise harsh camping trip. It is always a treat and a treat nights sleep (with aircon). After checking is we had a flash storm with rain and decided to wash the sand off our trailer and car, knowing we going home, and we had a few curious onlookers - likely thinking we mad. It was such fun! It was still hot and a welcome down pour.

I hope you have enjoyed this series! We have already booked our next adventure in Kgalagadi at the end of the year again. This time we are braving the Botswana side, unfenced!!!! As much as I do miss other parks, I just feel like we have not had our fill of the Kgalagadi to skip a year yet. Kruger does still beckon, but the Kgalagadi offers so much of what we need right now. Peace.

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