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Kgalagadi Summer: Part 4 - Twee Rivieren

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

We left Mata Mata just after sunrise. Ready for the second instalment of this summer holiday. We were ready for a change of scenery. The Auob river bed is beautiful but we wanted a chance to explore the Nossob river bed again.

We stopped at Kamqua for a quick breakfast snack. Watching fellow travelers making quick work of the trip to Twee rivieren in order to secure a good camp site. We decided not to rush. It was not a very eventful drive, stopping for small things but in the end just trying to get to twee rivieren before the pending wind and rain forecast. We watched the clouds rolling in.

We chose a site on higher ground and with a wooden shelter for shade, it was hot but we managed to get it set up before a quick swim to cool off. The ground is not level and we chose a sight that was quite unlevel, so our awning was askew and tied to the wooded shelter with very hard ground bending a few poles. At least it was solid and stood the test of weather.

We went for an afternoon drive and when back at camp started a braai and enjoyed the company of fellow campers. Our one neighbour telling us the story of his shredded tyre coming in from the Botswana side. These conversations are so helpful in not only making friends on out travels, discussing recent sightings but also learning from what they have been through, learning what to do and what not to do!

Watching the storm clouds coming it we battened down the hatches and got ready to enjoy. The storms are so much fun.

Jason and I have a tradition. We do collect wine, we from Cape Town and many years a ago started visiting as many wine estates in the region and on camping trips nearby for tastings, buying a bottle for our wall art collect. We don't just look at it though, we take one or two cases of out collected wine with us on these trips, mixed bottles of memories and we enjoy them around the fire or in the rain, comparing them with each other and deciding what farms are worth going back too. Life is about making memories.

Our site was on higher ground and away from wind so we got a comfortable spot to watch the storm through camp in the heavy rain. We had a great night's sleep.

The next morning we drove out early to Melkvlei for breakfast jaffles. It was an awesome morning of sightings topped by our first leopard in the Kgalagadi resting, occasionally eating what looked like a porcupine, under a tree. We had lovely sightings of the african wild cat too and as always, raptors and birds.

One of our kids favorites are pancakes, and is now always factored into our trips, weather savory, sweet or both. We always spent time at the pool and went to the twee rivieren hide for the first time, all worth being part of your time there.

We planned our first 4x4 drive in the Leeudril trail and enjoyed more cheetah and a wonderful evening visit from what appeared to be a resident wild cat, which is tempting to think of as a domestic tabby cat.

In our last instalment we enjoy out 4x4 trail, picnic at Auchterlonie and savour the last few nights.

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