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Our Kgalagadi Summer: Part 2 Mata Mata

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

On our 3rd morning we enjoyed an early start in the park, having planned a picnic and jaffles at Kamqua picnic spot. We had more lovely bird and raptor sightings but the highlight was a cheetah getting up from a rest and walking next to us a little way, across the road and to the top of a dune. Awesome, having not had this kind of close encounter with a cheetah before. Near the picnic spot, at Urikarus, we spotted a male and female lion in the distance (and later noticed the tiny cub in photo's). Times like that you wish you could stay at a nearby wilderness camp!) We also spotted two giant spotted eagle owls just on the side of the road in another tree. We never seem to get tired of owls, they are quite special.

Breakfast hit the spot, with a few nipping ants to hop around before driving back to camp. More swimming and relaxing away from the sun.

That afternoon we didn't do another afternoon drive, the kids had sooo much fun with friends at the pool. Staying in camp we saw a woodpecker in the tree above us, a herd of wildebeest walking past to have a drink. It was Chistmas eve and we were welcomed that evening with staff and campers caroling and walking around camp, quite unexpected and special. Later, another wonderful lightning display. Long exposure photo's of lightning proving very challenging!

Every night it got easier and the next day was Christmas morning with Santa leaving a few small presents to open. We left on our morning drive and spotted two female lionesses having a strole, a fresh porcupine kill on the road and awesome bateleur building a nest. Obviously we saw more giraffe and antelope.

In the afternoon we went for another short drive to Dalkeith. The 2 female lions were in the same spot as the morning, rather sleepy still. Other than the expected antelope and birds was a quiet afternoon. Back at camp we had an obligatory swim and light snacks.

Our 5th morning we set out early to get the good light but as usual only got out a little late. We were in for a treat as we found a line of cars and could hear cheetah calls. We saw one walking away in the distance behind us turned and followed. It crossed the road twice and was calling constantly. We did not see any others but could hear. It was awesome. This was followed by a second cheetah sighting at a different water hole, 4 cheetah stalking impala, then resting under a tree, they didn't like the audience.

Cheetha were definitely dominating the sightings but by the last 2 days, we would have our best ever, cheetha and lion encounters yet as well as a surprise in camp!

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