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About Us


Jason Barnard

Fitness Coach


I am a married father of three. I started work early in life as a Professional Soccer player. In this I have 15 years experience before I transitioned to group fitness where I started with Commando and Adventure Bootcamp - 17 years later here I am!

I am passionate about life and want to share that with everyone I am privileged to meet. I love working outdoors and this is my speciality.

My vision for InsideOut Fitness it to create a safe and happy space for woman of all walks of life to train in the great outdoors - a place where you can become your best and healthiest self. I cater for all fitness levels and offer a variety of alternatives when you have difficulty or injury.

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Carmen Rishworth-Barnard

Physiotherapist /  InsideOut Blogger / InsideOut Adventures YouTuber


I am the wife :)  In my day job I am a Physiotherapist and Mom. I love what I do but happy to work quietly in the back-round of this exciting venture. I am passionate about health and wellness and contribute to our monthly blog on a variety of topics to motivate and educate you to live your best, healthiest life.


Jason and I also share our InsideOut adventures with you from time to time. This is our way of motivating you to get in the great outdoors and enjoy the best nature can offer. As a family we love photography, nature, wildlife and camping and enjoy sharing these with you! 

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