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Our Kgalagadi Summer: Mata Mata Part 3

Our last 2 nights at Mata Mata was a stand out experience, our first close encounter with lions in the kgalagadi, something we only seen in videos, best ever owl experience as well as another incredible cheetah sighting. Our snake in camp was another never to forget moment.

It all started as we drove into the dalkeith loop, enjoying the little things, and happy with the lion pair seen just earlier. I looked in my side mirror and got a big fright, a female lion coming out of the bush towards the road (our car, me) close, too close. We allowed her to pass, stopped and watched. Then another. Then the young male.

We watched them in the road and cross, all alone (no other cars). They sniffed and licked the wet grass and continued to the water hole. We drove on, to get in front of them and watched them pass the waterhole one at a time, but they did not drink. With followed them across the grassland to get in front of them again and got some our favorite photos ever.

The young male did pass into the road next to the car and looking through a lense you sometimes forget how close they are!! Jay quickly closed the window and we continued to follow. They where curious, looking for a snack maybe but kept moving, stopping to scout the area, and sniff about.

What a wonderful experience.

Our last night at Mata mata we had another bucket list moment, puff adder in camp. It all started with Josh, at dusk, running to us in a bit of a tiz about a snake at the bathroom. We looked towards it and saw someone come out, heading directly towards it, we shouted and fortunately they stopped and saw. We all got our cameras and phones and went to check it out closely. We tried to get it away from the bathroom only to watch it move towards someones trailer. I would not want to be those campers!, so a group of guys got a bin, brooms and camp poles to usher it inside and far away. Quite hair raising, I dread to think of the snakes we missed!

The next morning, on our way out to twee rivieren, we had our best moment with the 2 eagle owls we had visited daily, again the golden light, and the moment was perfect, shaking off dust. This followed by another superb cheetah sighting at Sitzas. It was an unreal morning.

Mata mata was exceptional.

Summer in the kgalagadi was proving to be exceptional. On our way to Twee Rivieren we saw the 4 cheetah walking along the dunes, sniffing and exploring, watching all the cars and trailers beat us to the next camp for premium shade.

Next time we begin our part 4 in Twee Rivieren, first leopard sighting, more storms, picnics and pools.

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