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Inge Salo

"InsideOut is really the best fitness class I have experienced. I love that there are multiple classes during the day that you can choose from depending on your schedule. The outdoor classes offer the best experience and my favorite class is the early morning one at Kirstenbosch - watching the sunrise from the Boomslang is a moment to experience! Jason is also a great trainer. He is attentive and knows when to push you or when to go easy on you especially when you are dealing with injuries."

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Lisa Jacobus

"One of the best decisions I made was to join these classes. There is such a great vibe, Jason's passion and excitement is absolutely contagious and you cannot help but leave the class in a better mood. Getting fitter and stronger is an added bonus. Its a safe space for all ages and fitness levels and there are always alternatives whether you are starting out, have an injury or maybe just having a tough day."


Gail Schrire

"InsideOut is the ultimate sustainable form of exercise and fitness training. And Jason makes it so. He is by far and away the best trainer I’ve known . He manages to make his highly energetic ‘bootcamp’ sessions a constant source of fun and a great workout . Highly recommended - and I’ve been at it for fifteen years ."

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Asti Daries

"A great outdoor fitness class where you work at your own pace. Take a pick between watching sunrise from Kirstenbosch or catch the sunset behind table mountain from WPCC. Jason is highly motivating, caring and professional, he provides alternative movements if you have an injury or for those who want to challenge themselves further. Great class. Great trainer. Great community."

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Tessa Minter

"Inside out is a perfect name for this exercise class. The settings are balm for the soul, the comraderie amongst the women is fabulous. Jason the trainer is so caring always providing alternatives for exercises to cater for any personal challenges. He is an incredibly energetic.motivator whose knowledge of the effect of any exercise on the human body is so enlightening and he tells wonderful stories. Thank you Jason"


Eunice Voges

"I remember asking Jason to please stay as my trainer until, at least, after my Otter Trail. I felt that The Otter needed my utmost fittness level, and Jason certainly pushed me. That was in 2013. Today, in 2021, in a different world, Jason with a new venture called InsideOut Fitness, and me following a Zoom exercise class, I still feel the scope of being able to go harder, go further, do more. This factor is of utmost importance to me. Being older now, with some....limitations, I find Jason as encouraging as ever. Limitations, injuries are taken into account and an alternate exercise is given that either works the same muscle group/area, or an entirely different area is worked, but one that is pertinent to you. My body feels as strong now as it had when I tackled The Otter."

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