Training Options

We are training Outdoors and on ZOOM!


Our venues are Western Province Cricket Club and Kirstenbosch Gardens. In these outdoor camp options you also have access to all ZOOM classes / recordings daily.

The unlimited outdoor option is R520 /camp (4 weeks)

Zoom can be a stand alone option with 5 classes a week.  The ZOOM link is sent out daily to all registered for the camp.

The stand alone ZOOM option is R290 / camp (4 weeks)

If you are a student, you are eligible for a further 25% discount.

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InsideOut @Kirstenbosch Gardens


This is the early time slot of 5h45 AM at this venue and this will be our only time slot for Kirstenbosch.

Come enjoy the perfect outdoor exercise experience at sunrise in one of the best gardens on earth! Spring has sprung and it is the perfect time to start.

Protocols and rules apply during covid. We have a well ventilated section undercover for rainy days.

R520 for a 4 week camp (excluding student discounts)

Outdoor Fitness image 1.jpg
InsideOut @ Western Province Cricket Club


This is our most popular venue. We are back and will continue with 3 woman's classes here. Our class times are planned to continue at the following time slots:

08h15  / 16h45  /  18h00

This option includes access to the ZOOM classes and recording and covid protocol applies. We will not be allowed an indoor venue during heavy rain and I will do a Zoom class at the same time slot if we are rained out. You will be notified by WhatsApp if this happens.

R520 for a 4 week camp (excluding student discounts)

ZOOM InsideOut

This is for those of you that are not quite ready to go outdoors or prefer the comforts of your home in South Africa or abroad,. You have a choice of 5 zoom classes a week (10h30 daily SA time) and a recording of each is sent daily.


These sessions are all live! I do everything with you and can still see, encourage and correct as needed.

R290 per 4 week camp (excluding student discounts)