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Trying to stay healthy in the holidays!

For many of us, we will be being more jolly and festive than during the year. Some may be traveling, some getting together with friends and family and most of us will be more indulgent. It can be tempting to take advantage of the season but perhaps we should add a little health and self care in it too.

2022, and certainly the 2 years preceding have been rather tough. Many people I talk to have complained about the exhaustion and burnout that has plagued many of us. Let us be reflective and work towards a healthier and certainly happier 2023!

I often remind myself not to only wait for the new year to make needed changes. It is tempting to delay the resolutions. I also do know, that making simple changes to your holiday habits can go a long way in improving your mood, confidence and lesson the guilt associated (as well as the physical symptoms associated with excess).

So in the spirit of keeping it manageable, simple and really do-able, here are my tips on keeping healthy in the holidays!

  1. Drink more water, especially in the morning and before any celebration and knowing excess consumption of food or alcohol, you will feel so much better for it after, preventing bloating, hangovers and upset tummies.

  2. Enjoy your favorites!, don't ever deprive yourself of your pleasures but savor them and slow down. Weather it is food or drink, just slow it down. Not only will you enjoy it more but you will likely consume less!

  3. Try add a little active pleasures. Take a walk on the beach, play with the kids, go for a hike or walk. Keep up that step count!

  4. Seek out active activities when traveling, making for great memories and experiences.

  5. Get enough sleep. We all get caught up in the celebrations, but try get enough actual rest inbetween.

  6. Add more fruits and veg. Yes to all the seasonal yummies but also yes to adding a little more raw fiber.

  7. Say no. It is the time we tend to get caught up in the madness and sometime we wish we just said no. Try plan ahead, always giving space to adventure and spontaneous fun, but remember to also say no to the things that drain you and do not add joy or peace.

  8. Take care of your mental health. Use this time to reflect on your year, the joys and the mistakes. What can you be grateful for? What can you do better next time? As I once heard Oprah say, 'when you know better - do better!"

  9. Be fully present. Each day is truly a gift. Be fully present, enjoy the moments, don't rush to the next. I have learned that less is more and planning fewer daily activities has helped me honestly enjoy the moments with no rushing or pressure.

  10. Practice Gratitude. Start each day thinking of what you are grateful for, write it down! Take photos, make video notes to self, it can be very special to look back on those experiences you grateful for.

So merry everything and happy always!!!! Whether you are celebrating religious holidays, just seeing friends and family or just taking a break, we wish you all the love, peace and joy it the coming year and always.

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