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The Challenge

"Challenges are what makes life interesting, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful"

Winter is coming, and with it, the challenges of the cold, temptation of hibernation, darker mornings and earlier nights. Every season has its challenges, but also their pleasures. Winter is full of those too! Fire side pleasures, crisp clear mornings, cosying up with loved ones and incredible sunsets and sunrises.

When looking up the word challenge, I couldn't help but notice how it can be described with both a negative and positive outlook. Certainly it is often associated with overcoming hardship. My observation, however, is that hardship, struggle and indeed challenges, although difficult by its nature, builds something inside of us, something that cannot be built without the struggle, it builds resilience, inner and outer strength and growth, real and meaningful growth.

Challenge is a teacher. I love people watching. All my life I have subconsciously and consciously paying attention to what people do and why. It is probably why I do what I do. I feel compelled to understand things better. Reflecting on my own life, I can honestly say that I am a better person for some of my hardest struggles.

Here, I want to discus how we may challenge ourselves to overcome our own struggles, inside our minds and inside our bodies for Winter. I invite you to consider how you may better your life. That can be small, or it can be profound.

I think "news years resolutions" must have been started in the northern hemisphere, because it would be at the change in season from long nights to longer days, to the coming of Spring. I thinks its easier to reflect and set goals in Winter than our Summer, new year period. So now, as we near our longest night, let us set ourselves a challenge, a challenge to be healthier, better versions of ourselves so that we reach Spring with renewed vigour and life.

"Don't limit your challenges,

Challenge your limits"

Fear holds us back from so much progress in our lives. Fear avoidance behaviour is actually the greatest barrier to progress I find in my daily practice. From the simplest injury to the most complicated syndrome, my experience is that fear sits in the room and holds people back in some way. Interestingly, fear was described as a synonym to pain at a pain congress I went on years ago. I found that comparison to be profound in my work today. Pain is the sensation felt when your brain is afraid of what's happening in your body, so that you pay attention to it and fix what is necessary. Its not just nociception. The more you understand something, the less you fear it.

So I challenge you. Think about what is holding you back, what is the barrier to your progress in your mind and your body? What is your goal? Overcome that barrier, that fear, by taking the first step to overcome it. Lets counter the sentiment of winter hibernation, of being "dormant". Let us awaken!

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