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February resolutions

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Resolution: "a firm decision to do or not to do something"

Welcome to 2023. After the whirl that is January - which I can barely remember - February is knocking on the door. So all resolutions get lost in translation. Lets begin again - take a deep breath and start at the second beginning :)

With our kids settled in school, all the pre-year organisational diary steps, year planning and craziness, we can start the year and start thinking about ourselves a little - before we forget or get swept up in everything else. Take a minute to reflect on 2022. What did we love, and what did we not. How can we do better, feel better?, take care of ourselves better?

So many of you know we lost a beloved sister (in-law), Godmother and dearest friend this month. She was a light. She was JOY personified, no matter how difficult her situation, pain or struggle, she was full of light and joy. Her memorial echoed this, everyone felt it, always. We will miss her more than words could ever describe. So with that, I have reflected on the things I want to do better. I am calling it my February resolutions, mostly because I was holding my breath through January. Everyone's list is unique to their struggles, but here are a few idea categories to help you make better choices :)

  1. Medical health: checks, screenings, treatments and planning

  2. Mental health: formal and informal management and treatment, preventative strategies, and self help skills

  3. Habits: more good, less bad

  4. Professional life: balance in check, routine and habits

  5. Self care: taking care of your body! Water, exercise and diet, chronic conditions and lifestyle choices

  6. Learning to say no. Sometimes, most times, the best resolutions are taking away of time draining and cup emptying activities. Think about what brings you JOY? What makes you feel good? Fill your cup!

I am taking it a day at a time. I always say to my clients, something everyday is always better than nothing, so I am taking my own advice. One step at a time. Time to breathe out.

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