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My Vitality Journey: Part 3 - the finale

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

My third and final month! Well, at least for the formal subscription. This was never going to just be a 3 month journey, but a lifestyle change. Using the Vitality Healthy-weight subscription was an opportunity to kickstart and start a process of learning and support.

So what's left to say? I have found this journey worth it. It is hard, especially the time and planning when you have a family, but that something I have also found has indirectly helped me. As women, we generally do not prioritise our own health. This needs to change. I have really wanted to make this personal change and now feel like is have received more benefits than I originally thought.

What unexpected benefits have I experienced:

  • Lunch time has become a very valued ritual

  • My kids are eating better too

  • I feel more in control of my food choices, and happier about it

What benefits was I hoping for that was better than expected:

  • I feel more healthy than I thought I would, feel less tired and more productive

  • I feel good about myself, a definite confidence boost

  • I have a much greater knowledge of healthy and more unusual ingredients which has given me so much more choice and variety

What was a struggle?

  • I did not get to my goal as quickly as I hoped which made me despondent at times, then when I got in my jeans, I was on top of the world. I know it is a slow and sometimes frustrating process, the quick fix is so ever attractive, but I now know and feel this is fully sustainable and worthwhile. I can do this and still eat what I love, enjoy treats and keep making progress.

  • Specifically related to Discovery Healthy-weight, the app remained a pain and in the end I logged in seldom, just to get recipes of interest. Taking photo's of every meal is also getting annoying, although I understand the purpose and value.

Going into the warmer summer months I feel better equipped to keep making better healthier choices. I will keep you updated!

Times may be tough generally, but taking care of yourself will help you take your power back. We cannot control what is happening around us in the world, but we can control our choices, so lets keep working at making better one's!

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1 opmerking

Well done for persevering Carmen and giving us motivation. Happy summer eating.

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