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Women's month - the time to take care of yourself is NOW!

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Why is it so hard to take care of ourselves?

We went for our health check this month. It was a little anxiety provoking. For some reason, every year we get older, these check ups are more stressful. This month I also had a few clients who openly admitted to not having had a check up in years. So I ask myself, why is this so? Why is it difficult for us to face the truth of our health?

Covid has only aggravated delays in screening and health checks, but a consequence of this has been an increase in later stage cancer and illness diagnosis. There is a hesitation to have a general check up and preventive screenings.

So why should we get it done?

  • The silent killers are hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. They are called the silent killers because there are generally few signs of the disease before the damage is done and its too late. The tests for these are the most common and freely available, yet it is still one of the biggest causes of death and morbidity in the modern world. Leaving these conditions undiscovered and untreated can lead to a stroke or heart attack, just to name 2. These are not minor events but rather life altering.

  • If we are afraid, its helpful to remember that knowing the truth can only help us manage it better and quicker. The fear would only makes things worse and will persist until we know.

  • Whether it is blood pressure, a mammogram or everything in between, the outcome is guaranteed to be better with an early diagnosis

  • We must practice what we teach, this is probably what motivates me most! I can’t ask my client’s to do what I avoid myself. I have no right to expect my kids to do better if I don’t, after all, they do what we DO and not what we SAY.

  • It is so much easier to change a small health concern, than a bigger one down the road due to neglect.

I find it so easy to take care of those I love, but I must admit I struggle to do the same for myself. I know the theory, I know that by taking care of myself I AM taking care of those I love, but its so easy to postpone and put off. For me its always the same, I’m fine, I’m not sick and my body feels fine, so what s the rush? Then 2 years later I still have my mammogram referral in the cubbyhole of my car, that embarrassing! So I commit to getting it done within the next 6 weeks, no more delays, no more excuses.

So what is your next move?

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