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InsideOut Adventures: Wilderness Ebb and Flow, Summer 2022

Updated: Apr 22

So after 2 weeks of R & R in Storms, PE and Addo we headed for our next and final adventure of the holidays, Wilderness Ebb and Flow rest camp. Family joined us on this part, one of our favorite camping spots ever.

Ebb and Flow rest camp is divided by the Touws river, one of a few in the region. Bird life and nature at its best! It is not the place you come to when you want to get away from people. It is a large campsite with a variety of self catering accommodation and during summer holidays is fully booked a year ahead, in fact, it is sold out in minutes of bookings opening. Its is a perfect family destination with so many choices of activities, walking/hiking, swimming, rowing, canoeing, birding and so much more!!! (including just sitting, reading or playing cards :)

We have been going to Ebb and Flow for years, usually December or Easter holidays. The staff are always wonderful, a very well managed park. One holiday I got a phone call from them asking where we were as we did not arrive for our booking, turned out the agent we booked with had booked the wrong dates and I didn't double check - they were so accommodating, as I was now very stressed that our intended dates would not be available, they just switched and booked the new dates for us! I was so grateful and impressed with the service. SANParks does do thier best to always accommodate changes, for this we have always be so very grateful.

This particular trip was different for us though. Having always done the Half collard kingfisher and Giant kingfisher trails, wonderful walks, this time we did the Brown hooded kingfisher trail, Woodville big tree trail and all the bird hides. They were fabulous. Not only relatively easy walks, they were also incredibly beautiful, shaded and full of life. We highly recommend spending a sunrise or sunset at one of the hides.

Some of our usual favorite stops around the region also included the original Acrobranch, Sedgefield markets and George markets. There is so much more available, a real tourist hub, as many already know. We have even done a day trip to the Cango caves as everything is reasonably close and the scenery is amazing.

Ebb and Flow encompasses all we value in InsideOut Adventures. It is the opportunity to spend time in nature, relax and immerse yourself in some of the most beautiful places in the world. It offers the perfect balance in wilderness and small town life. It makes it perfect for families. For us, it was always a half way destination to meet family and make memories we still treasure today. We may never have a holiday home as we liken ourselves to gypsies - always on the move to the next adventure - but Ebb and Flow is the closest we can get to one. Where is your happy place?

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