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Making the most of summer

It is 2024 and January is almost over 😮 The time is always now to do better and restart some abandoned resolutions. There is no point holding onto guilt or shame, each day start anew.

I am still trying to do more to stay healthy and get more active. I still have a long way to go but my focus is on sustainability, real life changes that I will keep despite a very full slate. I also want to stay better connected with friends. Let us all start the year re-connecting not only with ourselves but those we care about.

We have had some very hot summer's days, it can be hard to feel motivated to do anything, but its important to keep ourselves going. Thanks to the suggestion from a fellow camper, we took a train to Kalk Bay and Fish Hoek. It was fabulous. No traffic, parking struggles, and the best view while traveling! It reminded me of how much fun the simplest activities can be! The kids loved it, and it will continue. I thought I might put together a list of some Cape Town activities.

Cape Town activity ideas:

  • Beach day! Remember, we have many beach options

  • Hike on the mountain, with hundreds of routes you can take

  • Go to a museum, the Cape Town Izikio is our favorite

  • Do a Parkrun

  • Watch the sunset or a sunrise

  • Have a picnic

  • Play mini golf (Put put!)

  • Visit a wine farm

  • High tea, or just a beverage with a view!

  • Take a walk with a friend, including the fury type!

  • Water slides / Cool Runnings

  • Take away beverage and window shopping

  • Summer braai with friends

So, when in doubt of what you can do, start with the basics, but make the most of summer!

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