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Kgalagadi Summer: Part 1 - Twee Rivieren

We are 3/4 way through the longest month of the year - for many. Wow. We have said goodbye to 2023. I must say, 2024 is looking better, no evidence to back that up, just a vibe ;)

We have come back from a very adventurous break in the Kgalagadi. It was most certainly wilder than we have ever experienced, and I feel that's saying a lot! We felt the heat, all 47 degrees of it. We have never been through anything quite that harsh.

We arrived at Twee Rivieren at 2pm after 12 hours travel. we were hot and bothered, but in one of our favorite places. We had a quick swim and began setting up. It was easier than expected, despite the heat. That afternoon we had a quick drive and settled in for a well needed braai.

Our next morning out we were refreshed and ready for the day, Christmas day! After a few Christmas spoils we enjoyed some sightings of black backed jackal and bat eared fox before we came across the pride of lion we would enjoy for the next 3 days. Two adult male lions, known as the chippendales and 3 cubs known as the 3 musketeers with super Mom. I would love to know how the adult males were named! We quickly nickname the one sub adult cub Scarface, as he looked just like the Lion King character. Clearly a mischievous and naughty one!

After a morning with the pride we headed back for a swim. The heat was hard to take. We had a light Christmas lunch and went out again. Our afternoon visit with the pride happened just after they made a kill. They took advantage of a malnourished eland and it became a snack.

We had a lovely, cooler evening back at camp with Christmas carols from staff. We experienced it last year at Mata Mata, which was really lovely. It is such an awesome camp vibe, "happy campers" is just a fitting description. We met some fellow travellers and heard some horror stories from up north at Nossob, heat and corrugations causing 6 cars in the past few days to fail and need to be repatriated on a flat bed out the park. A devastating thought. Needless to say, we got out alive :)

I can't help but mention, that while in the blistering heat I question why we do this... and the truth is we have never felt more alive than with these trips, these adventures. I don't know all the science, but the extreme circumstances and obvious fears and risks does something to us, it wakes us up, on a cellular level.

Until next time and part 2!

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